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The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School is an overwhelmingly preferred destination for aspiring lawyers across the nation and around the globe: we offer a unique blend of interdisciplinary legal education that provides our alumni the ability to launch impactful careers in every sector of the legal profession and an inclusive, collaborative community that encourages intellectual risk-taking and scholarly collaboration.

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The student body is comprised of 48% women


21% of the 1L class identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community


This year, 49% of our class identifies as a person of color


Approximately 33% of our incoming class is a first generation professional

Entering Class Profile

Members of the Class of 2026 come from 34 states, the District of Columbia, and across the globe (including Canada, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, and Vietnam), and 122 undergraduate colleges and universities, with 60 different undergraduate majors, 29% of which are STEM majors. Overall, the JD student body comes from 239 undergraduate institutions.

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Why Penn?

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

We believe an increasingly connected world requires the next generation of lawyers to not only be superbly trained in law, but also other areas like business, healthcare, technology, and related fields that complement and enhance their legal expertise.

Why Penn?

A Collegial Environment

Penn Carey Law has a decades-old reputation as a true community, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation, pedagogical risk-taking, and a supportive environment that inspires and ignites excellence.

Professors David Hoffman and Eric Feldman teaching 1Ls during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why Penn?

Hands-on Legal Education

At Penn, the opportunities for experiential legal education abound. All students participate in the Legal Skills Program and the renowned Toll Public Interest Program, and students can elect additional hands-on opportunities via the ten clinics in the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies, externships, and courses designed specifically to engage students as practitioners.

TPIC Service Corps

Why Penn?

A Commitment to Pro Bono Service

Our dedication to the principle that all legal professionals are bound to provide pro bono legal service to those in need is reflected in our esteemed and unique Pro Bono Program. All students perform at least (and most, far more than) 70 hours of pro bono legal service while in Law School, creating the vibrant and holistic shared vision of public service embodied in the Toll Public Interest Center. 

Why Penn?

Craft Your Own Experience

Creating the future you want to lead begins with the freedom to explore the areas of interests you want to study. Forge your path at Penn Carey Law. 


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