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Masters in Comparative Law (LLCM) Program

LLCM Program

The Masters in Comparative Law (LLCM) is a one-year program of advanced study for students who have already earned their LLM degree.

Program Overview

While many of our LLCM students come from Penn Carey Law LLM alumni, we welcome applicants from other LLM programs.

LLCM students have many of the same opportunities as our LLM students, including the design of their own curriculum and eligibility to enroll in the Wharton Business and Law Certificate, a program designed for Penn Carey Law graduate students taught by Wharton faculty.

In addition to our outstanding course offerings, our LLCM students are welcome to participate in the LLM Public Service Program, which provides students with opportunities to develop professional skills while learning more about the communities that exist beyond the Law School. LLCM students are also eligible to participate in four clinical programs focusing on Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Technology, International Human Rights and Immigration, and Mediation.

Additionally, LLCMs students at the Law School can get involved with LLMs and JDs in student groups, ranging from the Law School Light Opera Company to the Penn Soccer Club. LLCMs often participate in student run journals. In the past that has included the Journal of International Law, the Asian Law Review, and the Journal for Law and Social Change.

LLCM Information and Requirements

To apply to the LLCM program, you must meet the same requirements as the LLM program. In addition, you must have completed (or will complete by matriculation) an LLM at a U.S. law school.

We cannot consider your LLCM application until receiving at least one semester of grades from your prior LLM. We strongly suggest that you provide at least one letter of recommendation (if not more) from the applicant’s U.S. LLM program.

In order to receive the LLCM degree, a candidate must complete at least 16 credits, earned in at least three courses per semester, over two semesters.

The degree is meant to be flexible - LLCM students build their own curriculum in the same manner as LLM students. Most choose to deepen their understanding by concentrating on a specific area of law and by completing a substantial piece of writing in that area.

View our Graduate Admissions section for details on how to apply. 

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