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Tuition and Financing

Tuition and Financing

We recognize that studying at a U.S. law school is a serious investment. We are proud to offer a variety of Penn Carey Law Graduate Program Scholarships.

Many of our students receive scholarships from their employers, governments, or another third party. Other students are able to pay their expenses with their own savings or rely on family members for loans. Others are able to receive loans or other financial aid from their home country. 

Although some students find opportunities to serve as paid research or teaching assistants which enrich their academic experience, you should not rely on this possibility as a significant source of funding. 

As our ability to award assistance is limited, we encourage prospective students to seek other funding sources as early as possible.

Tuition & Fees

Estimated LLM and LLCM Student Budget for Academic Year 2024-2025

Please note: these figures are based on 2023-2024; estimated expenses for 2024-2025 will be updated when available
$71,266 Tuition
$2,750 Pre-term Program Fee**
$1,178 Tech Fee 
$688 Clinical Fee
$3,802 General Fee
$79,684 Sub Total-Tuition and Required Fees 
$16,200 Room
$5,806 Board
$2,006 Miscellaneous 
$4,210 Health Insurance
$2,500 Books
$1,062 Transportation
$31,784 Sub Total - Living Expenses
$111,468 Total Budget

**LLCMs may waive the Pre-term Program.

The University’s Trustees reserve the right at any time to amend the regulations concerning tuition, fees, and method of payment and to make such changes applicable to students currently enrolled in the University as well as to new students.

Please note: The Wharton Business and Law Certificate is a separate cost of approximately $14,760.

Estimates will vary somewhat depending upon personal lifestyles. For questions regarding billing and payment, please visit the University’s Student Registration and Financial Services.

SJD Tuition

In keeping with its mission of training future legal academics and global leaders, Penn Carey Law  provides fellowships for eligible SJD candidates that include full tuition, health insurance, and a stipend. Fellowships will cover three years of residence at Penn Carey Law for up to three students.

Year 1: 20% of the LLM tuition rate set forth above plus a technology fee.

Year 2 and beyond: For students wishing to remain in residence — 8% of the LLM tuition rate set forth above plus a technology fee. For students not in residence — 4% of the LLM tuition rate set forth above plus a technology fee.



Post-Graduate Public Interest Fellowships:
Exclusively for Penn Carey Law LLM graduates, these fellowships allow LLM graduates to pursue post-graduate public interest fellowships in the U.S. or globally. Profiles of 2022 fellows and 2021 fellows.