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        Course Materials

Preparation for Beginning of Semester:
The 4-week period prior to the beginning of a semester is an extremely heavy work time for the Faculty Support Staff. Materials to be distributed at the first class meeting or the beginning of the semester should be given to our office at least 3 weeks prior to the first class session.

    Word Processing

Projects During the Semester:
Faculty are requested to submit time-extensive projects to our office at minimum 3 working days before they are due. If you have a major upcoming project, please give us as much advance notice as possible; this will help to ensure that adequate resources are made available to meet your needs.

        Copying Services

We are available to copy up to 15 pages of original single- or double-sided material for class or other projects.

        Presentation Materials:

We prepare tables, charts and powerpoint for classroom presentation and talks.

        Scanning Materials

We can scan hardcopy documents into a Word, WordPerfect or pdf format. Please give our office a clean, unmarked hardcopy of your document for scanning. Please note, not all hardcopies are suitable for scanning. Scanning and the related cleanup are very time-intensive, so please give our office as much lead time as possible to scan and clean up your document.


We can send faxes for you. Please provide the fax number with the material to be faxed. If your document is extremely long, please consider sending it by UPS or FedEx or, if possible, as an email attachment rather than by fax.


While on Leave, mail can be held or forwarded for faculty members who are on vacation or leave, per your instructions.

        Final Exams

Preparation Final exams will be formatted and copied. Because of the significant time pressure accompanying the preparation of final exams, final drafts should be due approximately 7 working days prior to the date the exam is to be given. If you pass the 7 day prior time we will make every effort to assist in every manner possible to complete the exam in a timely fashion; however, we will not be responsible for its timely completion. Also, please provide Claire Wallace and Silvana Burgese, a phone number of where you can be reached on the day on which your exam is given.

          Digital Scanning

All course material is uploaded to the Course Portal for each semester. We will be happy to set up training with Information Technology Services (ITS) to post materials for your class.


We can assist you with numerical compilation of exam question grades. Such compilations will be returned to you for your review prior to submission to the Registrar’s Office.

        Ordering Books

We or your library liaison can assist you with ordering complimentary desk copies of books from publishers. Please email one of us with as much of the following information as possible:
  1. The title of the book and the edition number
  2. The full name of the author or authors
  3. The publisher’s name, address, phone and/or fax number
  4. The year published
  5. Your course name and number, the estimated class enrollment and the semester the course will be taught.

        Seating Chart Printouts

We can print out seating charts in large or small format once you enable it on the Course Portal.
Click on the link below for directions on how to enable your seating chart. 
Request a seating chart:

          Audio Visual Equipment & Multimedia Needs

Please arrange your audio visual and multimedia support needs by contacting the Media Technology Office at, 215-898-9570.
How to Schedule Recordings and a Technician in your classroom:

          Computer Support

For computer support, contact the Help Desk at, 215-898-2589.