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Info for Bar Prep Companies

Penn Law Policies on Bar Review Companies


Commercial bar review vendors must offer products that are beneficial to students at the University of Pennsylvania Law School (the “Law School”).  Approved commercial bar review vendors may advertise their products and services in areas and at times designated by the Law School.  All contracts must allow for Law School students and graduates to withdraw from your course, without financial penalty, prior to the receipt of any substantial benefit from the primary products of the course. A substantial benefit from the primary products of the course includes, but is not limited to, receipt of live and/or on-line lectures relating to topics for the bar examination.  The Law School may ban commercial bar review vendors who violate this Law School policy. 

Advertising to Penn Law Students


As a matter of policy, Penn Law does not allow advertising to its students. 

With that said, there is an appreciation that most if not all of our JD students and many of our LLM students will sit for a bar at some point.  We therefore make an exception for bar examination preparation companies who meet the terms outlined above.

These companies have two avenues for marketing their products and services to Penn Law students:

  • All bar review companies can participate in a twice annual (once in fall, once in spring) presentation. 

    • Penn Law will set the date and time, maximizing the possibility that 3Ls and LLMs can participate (likely in October and January).

    • Each company can elect to do a 10 minute presentation and/or to staff a table with information for Penn Law students.

    • Penn Law appreciates and expects the utmost professionalism between competing bar review companies.
  • Any company interested can ask for a designated time at which they can market their services to Penn Law students from a designated area (“tabling”).

    • Each company will be assigned one shift of a certain number of hours per week starting from early October through the end of the first week in December and from mid-January through mid-April.

    • The length of a shift will depend on the number of requests for coverage.

    • Penn Law will designate a storage area for all bar companies that is to be shared.

      • NO MATERIALS may be left in the hallways or anywhere around campus other than at designated storage locations at the end of a shift. 

      • Any materials left unattended after a shift will be recycled.

  • Any bar review company interested in advertising to Penn Law students may contact the Facilities Department at