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New Hires & Payroll

Each new hire to Penn Law must complete and return the appropriate appointment forms to the Business Affairs office before starting work.

If you are being placed on payroll with a new academic or staff appointment, the checklists below detail the documentation requirements for placing hires on payroll at the University of Pennsylvania. Please complete the appropriate forms according to your payroll designation – below:

Appointment Forms and Checklists

U.S. Citizens
Link to packet
Foreign Nationals
Link to packet

**NOTE:  Please be sure to complete and submit an offer letter (samples found on SharePoint site) to the Business Affairs office to accompany the above checklists. 

Hiring Officers - Offer Letter Templates

Below are links to template offer letters than can be used for student workers, temporary workers, research assistants, and postdoctoral researchers.  Please just change the bold areas at the top (date/name/salutation), rate of pay and start and stop dates in the first paragraph, and of course your name and title in closing.  The letter has all the instructions the student will need to be added onto payroll (and what forms to bring to Business Affairs).  The new employee should visit the Business Affairs office with the required paperwork and identification as detailed in the instructions included with the letter.  Once you send the offer letter to the new hire, please also send a note to alerting us to the new hire and the account that should be charged for their services.

University Payroll and Hiring Policies

You may find the applicable University Policy located - here.

Please contact the Business Affairs Office to confer before proceeding with payroll transactions - at our preferred location -  Please secure and remit the appropriate documentation to Business Affairs in order to complete changes to pay and payroll.  Please refer the the Business Affairs Quick Reference Guide which may offer assistance in the on-boarding process. 

Completing the on-line I-9

Please complete the on-line I-9 form by clicking on the “online I-9 form” link - here, and selecting Law School as the location. You will then be forwarded to a screen that allows you to review health care options as provided by the Affordable Health Care Act, and then to enter your employment eligibility information. Appropriate ID is required for the I-9, and original documents should be brought with you to the Business Affairs office when submitting your paperwork (this is typically either a current passport or the combination of a driver’s license and social security card, but the full list of acceptable documents is available on the website).

Separate from the I-9 process, you must bring in your social security card as part of the employment process to comply with IRS regulations and the Affordable Care Act.  If you are a foreign national, then additional paperwork will be required.

Enrolling into Direct Deposit

The University of Pennsylvania does not issue paper checks as a form of payment from payroll. In its place, you can either choose to have funds directly deposited into your US bank account, or the University will issue you an Aline Paycard that is loaded with your net pay on each payment date, and can be used where debit cards are accepted. The paycard will be issued to you automatically when your information is loaded into the payroll system.

If you wish to have direct deposit, you may link to the U@Penn site here, and click on “Enroll in or Update Direct Deposit” in the “My Pay” section of the page (click here for screenshot).

Logging your Hours Worked – eTimeSheets

eTimesheets is a web-based application that enables non-exempt employees (including Workstudy Students/Student Workers) to submit time sheets electronically. This application was developed from the School of Arts and Sciences electronic timesheet system and enhanced to support University-wide adoption. eTimeSheets streamlines workflow, while providing a number of benefits to faculty, staff, and students. Please note that some Workstudy Students/Student Workers will not be eligible to use the eTimeSheets system.

•    Login for eTimesheets application
•    For eTimesheet questions please email
•    Guides and FAQs

o    Weekly Part-time Guide (Student and Temporary Worker)
o    Weekly Full-time Guide
o    Supervisor Guide
o    eTimesheets FAQS

For work-study students, student workers, temporary employees, and weekly-paid research assistants, your hours must be reported weekly via etimesheets by 10:00 am on Monday morning (holiday weeks will have a modified schedule) for the previous week’s work.

Paid Time Off

Full time-exempt staff members can access the online PTO Management System to track time balances, create or cancel a request for time off, view their request history or update their time management supervisor can access the system here (PennKey and Password required).

Please contact any team member in the Business Affairs office should you have any questions regarding payroll.

W-4 Withholding Calculator

The IRS, in its Frequently Asked Questions, has indicated that the 2018 income tax withholding tables are designed to minimize taxpayer burden as much as possible and will work with employees’ current Forms W-4. 

That being said, the IRS encourages individuals to check their withholding and will help educate taxpayers about the new withholding guidelines and the tax calculator. This effort is designed to help workers ensure that they are not having too much or too little tax taken out of their pay. Please note that the IRS recommends that you not include yourself as an exemption on your W-4.

To view your current Tax Status and Exemptions, click on “My Pay” in the My Pay section of the U@Penn portal and enter your PennKey and Password. If you determine that your Tax Status and Exemptions need to be updated, print and complete the Form W-4 and send to the Payroll Office, Room 310 Franklin Building, 3451 Walnut Street, or contact the Payroll Office at 215-898-6301.