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Academic Support Program

Academic Support

In the Fall, Professor Jessica Simon presents five lectures and workshops discussing various studying techniques. In the Spring semester, students meet with the Director to review individual studying techniques and schedules, prior exams, and practice exams.

You are welcome to browse this helpful tips section of this site to view content on stress management, time management, and note- and exam-taking skills. You will also find a list of resources for understanding your course materials, understanding law school, exams, or legal analysis, taking practice questions for exams, memorizing material, and studying for the bar. The University of Pennsylvania Law School does not endorse any of the resources listed. You should review each resource to see if it fulfills your individualized needs. You will also find links to the Academic Success Lecture and Workshop Series.

If you are having difficulties with your academic studies, please email Jessica Simon, Associate Director of the Legal Practice Skills Program and Director of the Academic Support Program, or phone (215.898.0167), to set up an appointment.

Helpful Tips

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