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Constitutional Law Speaker Series Archive

Title Date Speaker Speaker University Paper Addendum
The Politics of Statutory Interpretation 3/27/2013 Maggie Lemos Duke Law Download Paper
Congress’s Constitution: Legislative Authority and the Separation of Powers 3/14/2013 Josh Chafetz Cornell Law School Download Paper
The Political Safeguards of Horizontal Federalism 1/31/2013 Heather Gerken Yale Law School Download Paper
Toward a History of Mormonism and American Politics 11/28/2012 Noah Feldman Harvard Law School Download paper
Racial Capitalism 3/29/2012 Nancy Leong University of Denver Download Paper (PDF)
Constitutional Redemption: Political Faith in an Unjust World 9/8/2011 Jack M. Balkin Yale University, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment Download Paper (PDF)
Vacant Offices: Delays in Staffing Top Agency Positions 11/20/2010 Anne O’Connell University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall) Download Paper (PDF) Download Addendum to paper (PDF)
Attention Must Be Paid: Commercial Speech, User-Generated Ads, and the Challenge of Regulation 3/16/2010 Rebecca Tushnet Georgetown University Law Center Download Paper (PDF)
America’s Unwritten Constitution: Between the Lines and Beyond the Text 2/26/2010 Akhil Amar Yale Law School Download paper
The Misconceived Assumption About Constitutional Assumptions 4/16/2008 Barnett, Randy Georgetown Law Download Paper (PDF)
The International State of Emergency: Challenges to Constitutionalism after September 11 4/1/2008 Sheppele, Kim Princeton University Download Paper (PDF) Download Cover Letter (PDF)
Reconstructing the Dormant Commerce Clause Doctrine 2/28/2008 Denning, Brannon Cumberland School of Law Download Paper (PDF) Download Cover Letter (PDF)
The Original Meaning of Original Understanding: A Neo-Blackstonian Critique  2/12/2008 Cornell, Saul Ohio State University Download Paper (PDF)
Daniel DeFoe and the Written Constitution 11/27/2007 Meyler, Bernadette Cornell Download Paper (PDF)
Women in Combat: Military Service, Equal Protection, and Extrajudicial Constitutional Change   11/9/2007 Hasday, Jill Minnesota Download Paper (PDF)
Suspension and the Extrajudicial Constitution 10/10/2007 Morrison, Trevor Cornell Download Paper (PDF)