Supporting Global Legal Education

The Bar Council of the Maldives visited the Law School to assist its efforts in regulating legal education and the legal profession in the Republic of Maldives.

Law School prioritizes holistic support for first-generation professional students

Early support for the First Generation Professionals Scholarship initiative includes two endowment contributions from Frank Ghali L’00 and Rory Babich L’89.

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School year in review: 2021

A look back at the top stories from the Law School this past year.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Keith Matier L’24 strives for personal success through ‘deliberate practice’

Matier knows that success is the product of a steady work ethic, clear concentration, and self-driven motivation.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Rae Schlueter L’24 is ready to let her legal career path unfold

Schlueter grew up on a small, family-run dairy farm in northeastern Iowa and is considering a career in international arbitration and dispute settlement.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Michelle Rodriguez L’24, MBE’24 dreamed of helping people heal – and now her dream is reality

Rodriguez is also pursuing a dual degree in Bioethics with the goal of making healthcare more equitable and accessible for immigrant and refugee populations.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Kelsang Dolma L’24 eager to cultivate community

Dolma L’24 is the first Tibetan on record to attend the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

Law School exterior

Law School supports nine First Generation Professionals Fellows across all class years

The First Generation Professionals Fellowship was established through a generous donation from David Silk L’88.

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