Supporting Global Legal Education

The Bar Council of the Maldives visited the Law School to assist its efforts in regulating legal education and the legal profession in the Republic of Maldives.

Law School prioritizes holistic support for first-generation professional students

Early support for the First Generation Professionals Scholarship initiative includes two endowment contributions from Frank Ghali L’00 and Rory Babich L’89.

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School year in review: 2021

A look back at the top stories from the Law School this past year.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Keith Matier L’24 strives for personal success through ‘deliberate practice’

Matier knows that success is the product of a steady work ethic, clear concentration, and self-driven motivation.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Rae Schlueter L’24 is ready to let her legal career path unfold

Schlueter grew up on a small, family-run dairy farm in northeastern Iowa and is considering a career in international arbitration and dispute settlement.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Michelle Rodriguez L’24, MBE’24 dreamed of helping people heal – and now her dream is reality

Rodriguez is also pursuing a dual degree in Bioethics with the goal of making healthcare more equitable and accessible for immigrant and refugee populations.

First Generation Professionals Fellow Kelsang Dolma L’24 eager to cultivate community

Dolma L’24 is the first Tibetan on record to attend the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

Law School exterior

Law School supports nine First Generation Professionals Fellows across all class years

The First Generation Professionals Fellowship was established through a generous donation from David Silk L’88.

Students participate in the Navigation Challenge during Professionalism Day 2021

Professionalism Day prepares law students for future legal leadership

Nearly 300 law students participated in this year’s Professionalism Day, hosted by the Law School’s Center on Professionalism (COP).

Meet this year’s First Generation Professionals Fellows: Trevor Kirby L’23 and Virinchi Sindhwani L’23

Trevor Kirby L’23 and Virinchi Sindhwani L’23 have been named as the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s second class of First Generation Professionals (FGP) Fellows.

Center on Professionalism adapts to pandemic conditions with innovative virtual fall programming

The Center on Professionalism provides practical programming grounded in real-world experiences -- now virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Law School offers summer courses and professional development programming to students

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many students’ summer plans, the Law School will offer new and innovative free summer courses and programming over the summer of 2020.

Penn Law Building Sign at 3501 Sansom St.

Penn Law and Department for Africana Studies to offer Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies

JD candidates at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School will be able to earn a Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies by completing approved courses and a year-long Proseminar

Center on Professionalism and Legal Practice Skills faculty host inaugural Judicial Panel on Professionalism

Two current federal judges and one former state judge recently visited the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School to discuss professionalism before the court.

A Penn Law first: Meet future leader Raymond Magsaysay L’22

The class of 2022 has the distinction of being the first class to have amongst its cohort three First Generation Professionals (FGP) fellows.

Leticia Salazar C’18, L’22, GEd’22, one of three inaugural First Generation Professionals fellows

With a focus on Education Policy and Law, Salazar exemplifies the cross-disciplinary nature of the school

Jasmine Wang L?22

First Generation Fellow profile: Jasmine Wang L’22

First Generation Professionals at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

Leticia Salazar L?22, Raymond Magsaysay L?22, and Jasmine Wang L?22

Penn Law’s inaugural First Generation Fellows

The Center on Professionalism selects three 1L students for First Generation Professionals Fellowship 

Penn Law to launch unique pilot program incorporating attorney well-being into Professional Responsibility curriculum

The Law School is launching the program in response to series of 2017 recommendations from the ABA, which addressed the burgeoning levels of stress, depression, and substance abuse within the legal profession.

Year of programming at Penn Law looks at women and the legal profession

This academic year, Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism is offering a slate of programming on “Women and the Profession.” The series explores the challenges women face, the benefits for all lawyers that flow from overcoming these challenges, and the stories of women who have blazed trails and found professional fulfillment in the process.

The Center on Professionalism provides an assortment of programming to prepare students for their...

Center on Professionalism readies students for their legal careers

Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism supports students as they prepare for careers as professionals in an evolving legal landscape. In this video feature, COP Director Jennifer Leonard L’04 discusses the center’s mission and programming.

Students pose with ?client judges? David Kahn, University of Pennsylvania Office of General Couns...

Seminar lets Penn Law students simulate law-firm decision making

The Law School’s seminar “Law Firm Management in the New Normal” explored the economic landscape in which large U.S.-based law firms operate.

Jennifer Leonard L'04 directs Penn Law's Center on Professionalism.

Harnessing the Power of Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset to Produce Happier, More Invested, and More Productive Law Students

The Director of Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism, Jennifer Leonard L’04, explains how law students can develop a growth mindset to confront challenges.

How Social Media is Impacting Law Students

How Social Media is Impacting Law Students

Given the prevalence of social media–Facebook now boasts more than 1.7 billion users worldwide, with 293,000 status updates posted each minute–wannabe lawyers are being scrutinized through the unforgiving lens of social networking.

Silverman Hall Interior Details, 2012 Renovations

Mastering Time Management

As a new junior associate time management is learned over time and with plenty of practice. It’s important to remember that you aren’t alone in learning how to manage a new job and new working relationships.  

The Power of the Network

Networks are living entities that are cultivated from our first professional moments. From when we start working to social interactions as students or young professionals people won’t always remember what you said or did but they will remember how you made them feel.    

COP's Nuts & Bolts series offers programs in litigation, corporate law, and lawyering in...

Center on Professionalism’s Nuts & Bolts series gives students hands-on experience

To help students prepare for the early years of practice, Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism has created a series of hands-on, interactive programs that provide students with a variety of opportunities to learn about and practice some of the skills they will need in practice.

Making the Most of Your Summer

As you wrap up your year and prepare to begin your summer job, we wanted to let you know that we’re here all summer to answer any questions that you may have and to help you navigate any issues that may arise with your employers.

Preparing for the Realities of the Legal Profession

The legal profession is undergoing an era of profound change, influenced by technology, new business structures, and globalization. New skills and tools are needed by graduates in order to succeed.

Resilience & Success in the Legal Market

Building resilience can be key to success in the competitive legal market.

Next Generation Lawyers Need Tech Savviness

As technology continues to advance, law schools and rising attorneys must be prepared and marketable in this quickly evolving digital age.

Jennifer Leonard L'04, Director of the Center on Professionalism, notes that interest in executiv...

Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism helps students become experts in frequently used legal technologies

Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism offers a slate of programming throughout the year that allows students to learn about the latest innovations as they prepare for their first legal work experiences.

First Semester as a Practicing Attorney

Stanley Polit L’15, reflects on his “first semester” as a practicing attorney

Law Students Practice Readiness

Many law schools are trying new approaches to providing practical training for future lawyers to prepare students for the reality of day-to-day legal practice.

Making the Most of Mentorship

Junior attorneys may find it difficult to identify a mentor. Whether you are a junior attorney in solo practice, with a government agency, or in Big Law, there are options available to help you find a mentor. This post provides tips to help you identify mentors and build connections.

Why Social Skills are Crucial at Work

Social skills such as cooperation, empathy, and flexibility have become increasingly vital in the modern-day workforce. According to new research, occupations that require strong social skills have grown much more than other occupations since 1980.

Why Relationships at Work Matter

How to build the social ties necessary to be successful and happy at work

Class of 2013 - Professionalism Day

Avoiding Simple Pitfalls as a Young Lawyer

The period between a summer associate position and a permanent job after graduation can be trying.  Check out this article from the Legal Intelligencer to learn how to avoid simple mistakes as a young lawyer and get some tips on communication styles.

The Future Impact of Social Media Use on the Legal Industry

As a new generation of lawyers pursues its legal education, it must consider the role of technology on the modern legal landscape.

Why It Pays to Collaborate with Your Colleagues

While the law industry has long pushed towards personal accomplishments, we may be shifting in a new direction.  Collaborating with your peers and colleagues, instead of striving for individual success, is the key to having a competitive advantage.  More below!

Dean Theodore Ruger of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  Photo courtesy of the Universi...

Penn Law Finds its New Dean Close to Home

Professor Ted Ruger of Penn Law has been named our next dean.  Find out more about his story and the new direction he sees for our community here.

Lawyer Career Coach Highlights ‘Positivity’

As a veteran executive coach for lawyers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, Debby Stone is frequently asked to help her clients cope with the myriad stresses they face. This article provides a few tips that she has found to be universally helpful for those who may be experiencing negativity or discontentment.

Additional Skills are Crucial for Lawyers in a Changing Market

Technology, evolving markets, changing client demands and a financial crisis have forced the notoriously conservative private legal services sector to embrace new services, form fresh partnerships and become more entrepreneurial to remain relevant and viable. Firms seek lawyers who are innovators and understand the needs of businesses and clients.

One Firm’s Move Away from the Billable Hour

Jackson Lewis announced plans to stop using billable hours to evaluate associates, instead focusing on factors such as efficiency and effectiveness. Experts say that the move could prompt other firms to rethink their own associate evaluations.

Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Don’t know which direction to go in after exams, but want to get going on your job search and networking?  See this post for tips from Mary Crane and her website on how to make the most of your winter break.

Business Development Questions All Laterals Should Ask

An important and often neglected question laterals should ask a prospective firm is how well the firm is organized for or committed to business development.

Mind of the Meditator

Contemplative practices that extend back thousands of years show a multitude of benefits for both body and mind.

Side view of two blurred businessmen talking in conference room

Tips for Effective Client Communication

All lawyers must develop strong skills that will allow them communicate analysis and advice effectively. The Recorder presents 5 rules for effective client communication.

What Partners Do That Non-Partners Don’t

What separates partners from the rest of the pack, and what hidden characteristics help them get there?  Read about the unexpected traits that help you reach success.

The Importance of Mentorship

The Daily Report explains the importance of mentors to first year associates

Class of 2013 - Professionalism Day

Using PR to Lay a Foundation for Success

Though the media can seem to be a daunting force, using PR successfully can be invaluable to your career.  Learn about PR opportunities and strategies in this post.

Congressman Brings Meditation to Capitol Hill

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) is bringing mindfulness to Capitol Hill.

Growing to Be a Better Lawyer

Being an exceptional attorney is not an innate skill.  A few learned traits, like preparedness, perseverance, and integrity can go miles in helping you grow to be a better lawyer, as this post illuminates.

Managing Your Law Career From the Start

Make the most of your first year in practice by setting goals, improving your networking skills, and using the latest technology to increase your efficiency and strengthen your career.

6 Steps to Effective Communication Skills

Becoming an effective communicator requires concerted effort, practice, and a willingness to adapt to new ways of thinking. The New Jersey Law Journal describes six concrete steps lawyers should take to be heard effectively.

Class of 2013 - Professionalism Day

Making Connections

Having the right people behind you can make all the difference as you move through the working world.  This post discusses ways to effectively create and maintain contacts in the legal profession.

Overcoming Odds

Young lawyers are often faced with daunting odds and the challenge to overcome steep legal learning curves. The following post presents strategies to successfully overcome those obstacles.

Effective Ways to Face Criticism & Feedback

This article speaks to the challenges women face to perform their jobs competently and make difficult decisions, while simultaneously coming across as behaving nicely toward everyone.

Pam Craven CW'74, L'77

5 Things to Consider Before Moving In-House

Pam Craven CW’74, L’77, offers advice on “5 Things” to consider before moving in-house.

Making a Good First Impression

Valuable tips for attorneys beginning practice.


Tips for Successfully Launching your Legal Career

Learn how to successfully launch your legal career by focusing on these key concepts and tips.

Jennifer Leonard, Director of the Center on Professionalism and Associate Director for Profession...

Center on Professionalism teaches students the human side of law

Jennifer Leonard L’04, Director of the Center of Professionalism and Associate Director for Professional Development, discusses the importance of professional skills and they are critical to the practice of law.

Ten Tips to Maximize Your Work Expereinces

Summer associate positions provide an invaluable opportunity to learn about various facets of the law. Many firms hire directly from their summer associates class. The attached post provides guidance for law students on how to maximize their summer associate experience.

Social Media’s Impact on Hiring Decisions

Employers increasingly look to a candidate’s social media activity to develop a better sense of the candidate’s professionalism and judgment.  Unfortunately, these nontraditional reviews sometimes result in negative hiring decisions.  Job applicants should be vigilant in ensuring that all of their social media accounts project an image of professionalism and good judgment and should remove any posts that may cause a prospective employer to think twice about making a job offer.

Girmay Zahilay L?14 is spending the fall semester of his 3L year at the White House.

Externship opportunities hone Penn Law students’ practice skills in government & nonprofit sectors

More than two dozen second- and third-year students participating in Penn Law’s Externship Program are working this semester in government agencies and nonprofit organizations from New York, to Philadelphia, to Washington, D.C.

Welcome Class of 2016!

Welcome 1Ls!  We look forward to working with you.

Welcoming Jennifer Leonard, L’04, Back to Penn Law

Join us in welcoming Jennifer Leonard, L’04, who recently joined the Penn Law staff as the Director of the Center on Professionalism

Penn Law and the Wharton School launch first-of-its-kind management program for law students

Penn Law and the Wharton School launch first-of-its-kind management program for law students

Career advancement minute: Interview preparation: researching a potential employer

Mariel Staszewski discusses how to research a potential employer and why pre-interview preparation is the key to success.

Career advancement minute: Developing persuasive communication

Beth McManus L’04, Associate Director for Professional Development, talks about developing developing persuasion strategies.

Practice Area Fair offers students networking opportunities, insights into career paths

On Tuesday Nov. 13, representatives from over 40 law firms, government agencies, and public interest organizations attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Practice Area Fair, speaking with students about the diverse array of practice areas and career paths available to them after graduation.