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Master in Law Degree Requirements

ML Degree Requirements

Eight courses (three ML required core foundational classes, one ML elective class, and four upper-level JD classes) are required to complete the Master in Law degree. Coursework may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Graduate students adding the ML degree to their primary area of academic study should consult with their primary program regarding completion expectations. Professional’s pursuing the ML degree by taking one class a semester can expect to complete the degree within four academic years.

The three ML required core foundational classes provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamental aspects of law including jurisdiction and sources of law, corporate entities, and the role and function of administrative agencies. The ML elective classes grounds students in the key legal concepts of their chosen area of emphasis. The upper-level courses are taken from Penn Carey Law’s rich and varied JD curriculum. In these upper-level courses, ML degree students will sit alongside and interact with Penn Carey Law JD students, enabling the Master in Law students to enrich the JD classroom with their unique perspectives and experiences while gaining a strong understanding of how lawyers approach and analyze issues relevant to various disciplines.

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