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Legal Practice Skills

In Penn Carey Law’s dynamic Legal Practice Skills programming, students will learn not only how to think like a lawyer, but also how to act and communicate like one.

Lawyers rely on fundamental practice skills to solve problems for their clients.  Penn Carey Law’s Legal Practice Skills course empowers students to flex the knowledge they have already acquired and develop areas they need to thrive as a lawyer beyond their 1L year. In addition to the mandatory first-year, year-long Legal Practice Skills course, the Law School offers a wealth of opportunities for developing practical and professional skills inside and outside of the classroom. 


The Law School offers a broad range of courses to help students advance and hone their legal and professional skills.

Lipman Redman Prize Winners

At the end of your first year of Law School, the LPS Professors will carefully select and vote on the two best briefs from the 1L year.

The winners receive a monetary prize and a mention in the commencement brochure the year they graduate. The winners from previous years are listed below.

2022-2023 Winners

2021-2022 Winners

2020-2021 Winners

  • Meeghan Dooley
  • Katherine Rohde

2019-2020 Winners

  • Cal Barnett-Mayotte
  • Jeffrey Simon 

2018-2019 Winners

  • Emily Friedman
  • Jeffrey Popoviz

2017-2018 Winners

  • Lavi-Ben Dor
  • William R. Heaston

2016-2017 Winners

2015-2016 Winners

2014-2015 Winners

2013-2014 Winners