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Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making

Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making Video

Executive Education Certificate Program

 June 2025 (TBC) |   Format: In-Person
Location:  University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Philadelphia, PA

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Significant regulatory decisions are at the forefront of the actions leaders take across every major sector of the economy. Leaders and their organizations need to draw on an arsenal of analytic tools to assess regulatory problems and identify and evaluate solutions.

Tailored towards executives and professionals, this program helps to develop critical-thinking insight and decision-making skills needed to better navigate an ever-changing regulatory environment. Participants will hone the skills needed for understanding, analyzing, and assessing regulations — and for making more effective management and compliance-related decisions.

Why You Should Attend

Make an Immediate Impact on your Career and Organization

Immediate Impact

This program is specifically designed to offer the opportunity to refine the core investigative tools essential to minimize risks, maximize benefits, and respond to regulatory decisions, helping you to enhance the capabilities needed to develop effective solutions within your own professional setting.

Gain an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Gain Perspective

Explore the leading issues in regulatory policy through interdisciplinary tools, such as behavioral economics and nudges, benefit-cost and statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, goal setting, compliance issues, agile regulation, and the design of regulatory instruments.

Learn from the Foremost Authorities on Regulatory Policy

Foremost authorities

Drawing on the expertise and scholarship of the Penn Program on Regulation, participants are provided specialized instruction by world-class scholars and regulatory experts.

Grow Your Professional Network Across Regulatory Domains

Grow Network

Participants have the opportunity to network with, and learn from, the varied leadership experiences of peers who bring a wealth of experience in regulatory policy and law from around the globe.

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“The Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making program is one that all regulators should consider taking. Whether from an operational or policy perspective, this program gives you the information, support, and tools to move your organization into a highly effective regulatory agency.”

– 2022 Cohort Member

“I have taken many substantive lessons away from this course, and it has allowed me to reframe and reassess my own view and approach to regulation, as both a regulator and as a private citizen, and to energize and refresh that approach going forward. Well done!”

- 2021 Cohort Member

“I believe the Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making Program is outstanding not only for regulators, but also for private sector practitioners that have to interact with the former and work hard to add value and be effective players in the decision-making process.”

- 2021 Cohort Member


Select Topics Covered in the Program*

  • Regulatory Goal-Setting
  • Rule Design and Instrument Choice
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Nudges and Behaviorally Informed Regulation
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Retrospective Analysis
  • Statistics for Regulation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Agile Regulation

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Academic Director

Cary Coglianese

Cary Coglianese

Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School; Director, Penn Program on Regulation

Professor Coglianese specializes in the study of regulation and regulatory processes, with a particular emphasis on the empirical evaluation of alternative regulatory strategies and the role of conflict and cooperation in business-government relations.




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