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National Constitution Center Partnership

NCC Partnership

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and the National Constitution Center (NCC) have created an academic advisory committee to create greater understanding and dialogue surrounding our constitutional system.

Composed of faculty, students, and staff, the committee will develop and implement initiatives to promote the NCC and connect the faculty and student resources of Penn Carey Law to the educational programs of the NCC.

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Co-chaired by Professor Theodore Ruger and Professor Kermit Roosevelt, the committee includes other Law School and University of Pennsylvania faculty members whose work intersects with constitutional law. Student representatives include members of the Law School’s chapters of the Federalist Society, American Constitution Society, James Wilson Project, and Penn Carey Law Journal of Constitutional Law. Jeffrey Rosen, CEO of the NCC, has appointed George Everly, Chief of Staff of the NCC to participate in the operations of the committee and the partnership.

This new initiative will bring significant benefits to the Law School community and far beyond our walls.

NCC Partnership Programs and Initiatives

NCC partnership

Constitutional Conversations

Development of a series of constitutional conversations at the NCC and online in which the Law School and University faculty will participate.


Online Courses

Developing ways to link Coursera massive open online courses to the NCC/College Board Interactive Constitutional Program.

NCC partnership


Creation of an internship program for Law School students to conduct research and develop education programs at the NCC.

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Faculty Participation

Expansion of the Law School faculty participation in existing NCC educational programs, including programs for students, Town Hall debates, constitutional conversations, and We the People podcasts.

NCC partnership

Visiting Fellows

Selection of NCC/Law School visiting fellows who will be in residence at both the NCC and Penn Carey Law.