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Legal Education Programs

Experience the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School through targeted programs taught by world-renowned faculty and legal experts.

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Executive Education

Executive Education

Make an immediate impact on your career and organization

Our accelerated, in-depth programs on a range of highly-targeted topics, help professionals make better decisions, develop smarter solutions, and gain a competitive advantage in their fields.

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Executive Education Programs

Exec Ed RADM Program
Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making

Learn how to operate effectively within an ever-changing regulatory environment by building the skills you need to analyze and make regulatory decisions.

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Compliance Exec Ed
Critical Issues in Compliance: Transforming Challenges into a Competitive Advantage

Gain your competitive advantage with essential training for anyone with responsibility for establishing, implementing, or enforcing regulatory compliance strategies and risk management.

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AI and the Law Exec Ed
Artificial Intelligence, Industry, and the Law

Broaden your understanding of AI, learn how to identify risks, assess AI governance, adhere to laws and standards, and gain the critical skills needed to interact with clients and businesses surrounding this new, ever-evolving technology.

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U.S. Corporate Law Exec Ed
U.S. Corporate Law and Strategy

Ground yourself in U.S. corporate law, legal practice, and the life-cycle of a business to gain a deeper understanding of the laws and standards that regulate the governance, finance, and power of corporations in the United States.

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LEP custom programs

Custom Programs

We partner with organizations and governmental entities to develop cross-disciplinary customized programs to meet your institutional needs.

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Penn Carey Law Online

We are making our exceptional content accessible to a broader audience by offering online courses, on a variety of topics, to those who want to learn more about an area of interest. These courses are on-demand, and are open to anyone with an internet connection. 

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For legal professionals seeking CLE credit, please view our Penn Carey Law Online CLE offerings

Penn Law Online
Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education

Penn Carey Law is a licensed CLE provider offering access to a wide variety of exemplary programming and courses, live and on-demand, helping legal professionals meet both their substantive and ethical continuing legal education requirements.

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Global Institute for Human Rights

This interactive program offers individuals who are interested in human rights advocacy an unprecedented opportunity to connect with and learn from leading voices from around the world in the global fight for human rights.

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Programs for High School Students

Pre-College Academy

Pre-College Academy

An opportunity for aspiring lawyers, or those who have an interest in the law, to experience a real world law school curriculum from a world class, Ivy League university.

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Summer Mentorship Program

A summer program that specifically provides high-school students in Philadelphia the opportunity to experience what law school is like, learn what it takes to be a lawyer, and gain a better understanding of the role of law in our society.

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National Constitution Center

National Constitution Center Partnership

Penn Carey Law and the National Constitution Center (NCC) have created an academic partnership to create greater understanding and dialogue surrounding our constitutional system.

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Legal Education Programs

Continuing Legal Education