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Artificial Intelligence, Industry, and the Law

Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Executive Education Certification Program

June 24-27, 2024 | Format: In-Person
Location: University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Philadelphia, PA

Program enrollment is limited.

Artificial intelligence is here. From business to government, AI is being applied in every industry, and changing every sector. This program will unravel the journey in AI, and demonstrate how curiosity and pragmatism has fostered incredible innovation in this technology, as well as how regulation and law are evolving. Participants will learn about AI’s transformative potential in various sectors like healthcare and finance, demonstrating its wide-ranging applicability.

From the federal to the international level, rules and standards are critically important to lawyers and professionals in all organizations, as investments in AI technology and applications grow. Lawyers and professionals will learn how to identify risks, assess AI governance, adhere to laws and standards, and more. Participants will also learn how AI encompasses many specialized areas of law and business.

Program Overview

The program will emphasize the importance of organizational leadership, from the board level to the CEO and all the way through an organization, as critical to AI compliance and success. The program will also emphasize learning agility, which is vital in AI’s fast-paced evolution.

In this program, you will learn about the many critical areas of AI, law, and business:

  • AI technology and its development
  • Applications to business and government
  • Interaction between federal and international rules and standards
  • Industry standards for AI
  • Specialized areas of law, such as liability, privacy, and IP
  • Deep dive into business applications including health, finance, and the practice of law itself

Professionals who complete this program will gain a broad understanding of AI, legal issues and governance, and skills needed to interact with clients and businesses.

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Academic Director

Professor Sarah Hammer

Sarah Hammer

Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School; Executive Director at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; and an Affiliated Scholar at the Penn Program on Regulation

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