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Courses at Penn - Useful Resources


The Wharton School welcomes students to Wharton MBA-level elective courses.  These courses can add a valuable dimension to your education and your voices contribute to the Wharton classroom.  The current academic schedule for Spring 2014 electives is:

  • Full semester begins Monday, January 13 and ends Wednesday, April 30
  • Q3 begins Monday, January 13, and ends Thursday, February 27
  • Q4 begins Monday, March 4 and ends Wednesday, April 30

If you are interested in taking Wharton classes, you should take the following steps:


    • Review course descriptions and prerequisites using the MBA Resource Guide.
    • Speak with the instructor for approval to enroll in the course.  The instructor must sign an “Authorization Request for non-Wharton Students” (see below).  Students need to be aware that approval does not guarantee a seat in the course; enrollment is based solely on space availability. The signed form merely allows a student to be enrolled IF space is available after Wharton students have finalized their course enrollments.
  • Registration:
    • Students from departments outside of the Wharton MBA Program can be registered into MBA classes only on a space-available basis; non-Wharton enrollments will be processed two days after the close of the last round of the Wharton auction.  To request enrollment in a Wharton course:
    • Come to the MBA Program Office located at 300 JMHH (Jon M. Huntsman Hall) beginning at 9:00 am on January 23, 2014 for full semester and Q3 courses.
    • Drop off a signed “Authorization Request for Non-Wharton Students” form.  Requests will not be processed without this form.  Staff will assign seats on a first-come basis.
    • Resolve all time conflicts prior to submitting the Authorization form.  
    • Wharton will issue a PERMIT for the course, which you will find on Penn InTouch, if space is available. This permit must be “claimed” within 24 hours.  Visit Penn InTouch to finalize your enrollment in the course.
    • If there is a time conflict, Wharton will not be able to issue the permit and will not reserve your seat in the class pending resolution of the course conflict.
  • As you consider taking a course at Wharton, please also note:

    • The Wharton School is on a credit unit system (CU).  1 CU is the equivalent of 3 Law School semester hours.
    • Some courses are .5 CU and meet for only half of the semester.
  • Questions: Contact the MBA Program Office

Course Units/Semester Hours

The University uses a “course unit” system, while the Law School uses a semester hour system. The translation is that 1 course unit (c.u.) = 3 Law School semester hours. If you are enrolled in a course outside of the Law School and it is showing as 1 cu, for example, the credits will convert to 3 Law School semester hours once your grade for the course posts.


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