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Youth Education Program (YEP)

The Youth Education Program (YEP) introduces high school students to the basics of law through weekly lessons and preparation for a moot court or mock trial competition.

What we do:

We teach Philadelphia high school students basic constitutional principles and provide an opportunity for enrichment in the social sciences. We also help students develop public speaking skills and build arguments so they can effectively perform in mock trial or moot court competitions in the Spring. Broadly, this program is intended to get students excited about legal principles and ideas.

How we do it:

Penn Law students teach in various Philadelphia public high schools and prepare high school students to participate in either Mock Trial or Moot Court competitions. Following basic legal lessons, in the fall semester Penn Law volunteers educate all high school classes on a Constitutional amendment. We will also be hosting a new symposium for students in the first semester. In the spring, volunteers will prep their students on either (1) a fact pattern that focuses on a legal issue that highlights all the learned principles for the Moot Court Competition or (2) the assigned case for the Mock Trial Competition. The program culminates with the students competing against their peers from all the participating high schools in either a Mock Trial or Moot Court Competition.

How and when can I join:

Keep an eye out for an application in the Fall semester! We’ll be at the Pro Bono sign up fair as well. If you have any questions, please email YEP’s Director Joe Stuever ( 

What skills will I develop:

Community engagement, appellate advocacy, trial strategy, trial prep, classroom management, public speaking, presentation skills, education