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Konstantinos Stylianou

Konstantinos Stylianou

Current work: Associate Professor of Competition Law and Regulation, University of Leeds School of Law (UK)

Greece, SJD Penn, LLM Harvard, LLM Aristotle, LLB Aristotle.

SJD program:
Exclusion of competition in wireless networks, Prof. Christopher Yoo, May 2015.

Impact of SJD program in your career:
The immediate and obvious impact was successfully entering the academic job market. Longer-term the training received during the SJD significantly advanced my scholarly skills particularly as regards coherence of argumentation. Further, the connections I developed with the industry through my supervisor helped me generate impact.

What makes the SJD program at Penn unique:
Integration with the rest of the university, Philadelphia’s vibrancy, and the kind of people that make it into the program.

Advice to SJD candidates:
Come with an open mind, make sure you are working on a topic that will be relevant 5 years down the road, and see your supervisor as frequently as possible.