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Prison Legal Education Project

The goal of the Prison Legal Education Project is to work with incarcerated individuals to ensure they can know and fully pursue their legal rights.

What we do:

The Penn Law Prison Legal Education Project works with people who are currently incarcerated at Riverside Correctional Facility to jointly lead a workshop on legal research and writing, as well as relevant criminal and civil law. Our curriculum is flexible based on the needs of those currently incarcerated.

In collaboration with Houldin Law, we also work with individuals who are incarcerated and working on appeals and Post-Conviction Relief Act petitions.

How we do it:

For prison legal education: Volunteers work with incarcerated individuals at the facility during each lesson alongside a few other Penn Law students. The class is collaborative and student-directed: volunteers will work together with the student-partners to review key aspects of legal research and writing and discuss relevant legal issues. Transportation for the trip is funded.

For post-conviction work: Volunteers work in a 2 or 3 person group conducting legal research, investigatory work, and any other necessary assistance. Volunteers will commit to working with one client per semester.

How and when can I join:

Interested volunteers should email Aleyah Hassan and Meagan Murray with any questions. 

What skills will I develop:

Working with incarcerated clients, community lawyering, legal writing, legal analysis, classroom management, public speaking, presentation skills, education.