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A Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum

A Cross-

Law School Building

We believe the lawyers of tomorrow will also be experts in business, communications, health, technology, international studies, social work, education, and emergent fields. As an essential part of the University of Pennsylvania family, we allow our students to enrich their legal education by offering them the opportunity to take graduate level courses at one of our sister schools as well as joint degrees or certificates of study. We also welcome into our classrooms students whose careers and educations cross sectors and international lines. Students pursuing Master in Law and LLM degrees enrich and diversify our course discussions, contributing to the Law School’s overarching mission to provide the finest and most comprehensive legal education for all students.

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Real World Career Success

Career Success

Office of Career Strategy

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School students consistently pursue careers at top law firms, leading public interest organizations, government bodies, and academic institutions across the country and around the world. The strength of our programs coupled with our extensive alumni network ensure that graduates can enter the market working in the fields they love, writing the future of law both nationally and internationally.

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A Collegial Environment

A Collegial

Students in Courtyard

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s inclusive, welcoming community works collaboratively toward one common goal: to lead the future of law. We invite students, faculty, and staff to challenge the norm in a rigorous but supportive environment. For many in our community, the Law School represents a common ground where warmth, inclusivity, and the pursuit of knowledge are shared values.

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Commitment to Community

Commitment to Community

Golkin Entrance

The Law School’s approach to legal education has always been anchored in its unwavering commitment to pro bono service. Our award-winning commitment to the community provides our students  opportunities that focus on impactful service and professional skill development.

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At The Christian Science Monitor, Prof. Coglianese explains the potential far-reaching consequences of the SCOTUS decision that strikes down OSHA’s vaccine mandate

Coglianese predicts the Court will continue to “be suspicious of grand exercises of regulatory authority by federal agencies.”

Prof. Eric Feldman says SCOTUS decision denies ‘OSHA the opportunity to protect millions of workers from the possibility of COVID-19-related hospitalization and death’

Feldman is an expert in comparative public health law, particularly in the context of regulations surrounding COVID-19 and other urgent policy issues.

Prof. Allison Hoffman explains SCOTUS decisions that block Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate but allow the rule for health care workers

“This Supreme Court has begun to narrow the scope of agency authority, including with today’s decision on the OSHA rule.”

In remembrance of Lani Guinier, former Law School professor and pioneering civil rights advocate

The Law School remembers and honors the legacy of Lani Guinier, who taught here from 1988 and 1998 and passed away on Friday, January 7, 2022.

Over 35 Joint Degree Programs offered

76% of the Class of 2019 completed a joint degree certification or program

Offering degrees across 9 out of 12 schools at the University of Pennsylvania